Get Amplified Podcast

New podcast series GET AMPLIFIED where we’re going to be talking about everything to do with working in the tech industry from staying ahead of the pace of change to fulfilment and well-being.Hosting the series will be Sam Routledge former CTO at Softcat who will be joined by Vicky Reddington and Siaron van Wetten from the Amplified Group. The team will be joined by leaders in the tech industry who will share their stories. We are going to share things we wish we knew 20 years ago. This is not rocket science but, we are going to highlight many of the things we do subconsciously and with a more conscious approach, done with intent and purpose can be hugely impactful. We will break it down and make it practical! Like everything we do at the Amplified Group, we will keep it real, it will be relevant and it will be lively!

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In this first episode, we introduce the Get Amplified Team, Sam Routledge our host and former CTO of Softcat, Siaron van Wetten and Vicky Reddington Co Founders of the Amplified Group and why we do what we do. GET EPISODE