Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is one-on-one development focused on behavioural change to improve overall performance and effectiveness.


Our leadership coaching focuses on the goals of the individual and their successes. This is anchored in our teams 25+ years experience in the High-Tech industry. Our approach brings real-world leadership expertise to you and addresses both the development of business progression, as well as the personal development achievements of the coachee.

We help users define goals and stay involved to keep them on track while gathering feedback to measure results


We offer, practical, thought-provoking coaching sessions through a program that challenges perspectives, guides and advises, not tells and dictates. We deliver a framework and use tools and formulas for measurable results. If you are looking for a trained phycologist or therapist, we aren’t for you. The basis of our program is through our experienced coaches and real-world business experiences.

Our qualified coaches are linked to other renowned mentoring programs, we bring you a wealth of experience to guide you to your goals.


  • Increased awareness of self and others
  • Career mapping
  • Improved team management
  • Fresh perspectives that help you make positive changes
  • Measurable improved performance
  • Increased personal effectiveness
  • Retained and engaged talent
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Stronger business results


Our coaching services can be customised for various needs. Here’s an overview of our coaching options:

Our core offerings are:

  1. Comprehensive Coaching
    1. Maximizes the performance of any leader through behaviour change initiatives
  2. Assimilation Coaching
    1. Helps leaders assimilate quickly into the company or a new role, and accelerates the ability to deliver results successfully
  3. Talent Fit Coaching
    1. Assists performance enhancement goals in determining a path forward when the coachee is experiencing challenges in an organisation, with their team are management.
  4. Targeted Coaching
    1. Used to improve effectiveness in one defined competency area that has been identified for development
  5. 360 Assessment Debrief
    1. Builds self-awareness and understanding of individual strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities, as well as the impact on others.
  6. Enhancing management skills
    1. Helps coachee unite their team by identifying team behaviours and working practices that will improve team understanding and performance.