Leadership Team Development

We will guide the team through; how to assess their overall Organisational Fitness, build team unity, purpose and agree a clear action plan. Additionally areas covered can include, addressing the effectiveness of team meetings, the development of a comprehensive communication plan and how to leverage internal communication efforts to ensure alignment through the organisation.

During the off-site a leadership team will put into practice the methodology outlined by Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors™ of a Team. With working sessions that apply this powerful methodology to your real business issues, bringing it to life, so you can put it into practice every day


  • Gain a thorough understanding of the purpose, expectations and goals of the team
  • Assess and make immediate progress in overcoming the teams’ potential challenges
  • Review and validate the organisations direction and ensure alignment exists among the team by addressing the critical questions required for team purpose and organisational clarity
  • Agree the action and communication plan necessary to ensure successful transition to Organisation Fitness

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