Management Due Diligence

Management Due Diligence that de-risks deals and ensures rapid portfolio company growth.

Take your gut feel and turn it into indisputable fact for your LPs with our proven, measurable methodology that defines how aligned, cohesive and effective your new management team is.

Ask any Investment Director what the three determining factors are before investing in a portfolio company and you’ll get the same three answers time and again:

  1. Management
  2. Management
  3. Management

Investors back people first and then the plan. The portfolio company that is able to thrive in today’s fast-paced world is steered by talented leaders working within a strong and cohesive management team.

So why is the MDD process still rooted in decades-old methodologies?

I think I feel, my gut tells me… none of these phrases fills us with the confidence to invest significant sums of time and money but what other choice do we have?

There is a solution.

Our approach to Management Due Diligence follows a methodology that is implemented in 78 of the fortune 100.

We focus not just on the talented individuals in your leadership team but measure how united, aligned, and importantly, just how effective the leadership team really are working together. It’s a measurable process, which turns gut feel and opinion into indisputable fact. And importantly it is a repeatable process that you can use for each and every portfolio company, giving you the insight and data that you and the LP’s need to invest with confidence, time and time again.

And why would you stop there?
It doesn’t finish at Management Due Diligence, that’s just the first stage in your relationship with your portfolio company as you evaluate the state of play ahead of your investment. It is unlikely the leadership team will be the finished article when you begin working with them which is why we continue to work with your new and talented individuals, moulding them into an extraordinary team that has trust in each other, doesn’t shy away from robust debate, makes decisions quickly, hold each other to account and importantly can rapidly cascade actions and deliver results throughout the organisation.

In short, we de-risk deals and support rapid portfolio company growth.

How it works

1. Taking the Pulse of the Leadership Team 

This initial 30 minute evaluation will take the pulse of the leadership team to determine their potential.

2. Assess and Explore 

Turning opinion into fact with team assessment. Measuring the cohesion of the leadership team through the proven Five Behaviors of a Team methodology.

3. Meet

Discovery interviews (face to face) to establish talented individuals their skills, competencies, experience and attitude* Establishing how aligned the executive team are utilising six (6) critical business questions

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4. Taking the Pulse of the Entire Organisation 

Take the pulse of the entire organisation, establish how healthy the culture is. Get to the heart of whether there is purpose, trust and fulfilment throughout the organisation with our online diagnostic tool.

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5. Analysis

We will provide feedback in the form of a written report for the investors, which informs their investment decisions. Post review this could be shared with the CEO or the wider team once the deal is completed and things have settled

6. Ongoing Support

Often there is an area that the team wants to work on post-deal, whether it be recruiting a new director, coaching and advice to some of the team or helping the teamwork more effectively together, we use our established and informed knowledge of the individuals, the collective team and the business plan to help them get it right.

*either already established by PE organisation through an executive recruitment specialist, or conducted by the Amplified Group