My office for over 20 years – we can do this!

Work is something I have always done not a place I am at. Holding a successful career at Citrix and VMware allowed me the privilege even back then. Leading teams, managing projects, interacting with teams globally, mentoring and now running our business @amplifiedgroup. Working remotely isn’t new to me, my trusty home office has been my lifeline. You will see many messages right now from tech organisations talking about how their software and back up products are helping us connect in these times. I believe it’s the spirit of teams, the comradery that will keep our businesses ticking as well as the amazing tech. Coincidentally three weeks ago we had recorded our next Get Amplified podcast relating to home working. I worked from home all that time but never felt alone, the teams I worked with the fun I have comes through to my little office in Noordwijk in the Netherlands. Good luck with using the tools you have to keep your team spirits going! It’s not work as usual right now……. just working differently….for some!

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