Adopt organisations fitness

The implementation of a tailor-made action plan to adopt Organisational Fitness.

When keeping physically fit, we must work at it, prepare a framework, get professional guidance, build a team for support, have goals to aim for and a personalised plan. And like an individual plan, every organisation also needs a framework and guidance, a tailored get fit programme, to shape their Organisational Fitness.

With a step by step programme, which incorporates various elements, we will work with key members of the leadership team throughout the entire process, to build a tailored approach.

Assessment and diagnosis

To gain an understand of the status, strengths and weaknesses, we will evaluate and bench mark your leadership team through a series comprehensive assessments and take the pulse of the extended organisation

Building a united leadership team

Through initiating trust, we work with the organisation’s leadership team on becoming united and driving clarity of a common purpose. This process begins with a two-day leadership team offsite in which the team addresses and is lead through the five behavioural pitfalls that face all teams. Following the initial session, our consultants engage with the team over a period of months to ensure progress continues. (see scorecard)

Communication of purpose

Once the leadership team are united and have established clarity of a common purpose, the focus can shift to cascading that clarity of purpose throughout the entire organisation. This generally begins with a broader leadership session to create alignment and commitment and often leads to work with additional key stakeholders and their teams. Effectively scaling the communication of the purpose and goals out to the extended organisation, no matter what the size.

Monitor and gauge

Following the communication of purpose it is important to monitor and measure how well the clarity of purpose has been received and is being executed, to identify gaps and reinforced where appropriate. We work with clients to assess the implementation of organisational [Get] Fitness Programme and guide the development of practical processes around the company’s vision, purpose, transformational and day to day objectives


  • Building a strong and positive leadership team and establish clarity of a common purpose
  • Unifying the talents of an organisations individuals to focus on a common purpose.
  • Adoption of the Five Behaviors™ principles throughout the organisation
  • Faster growth and adaptability to transform in today’s rapidly changing world