Kick start your Organisational Fitness – take the leadership team challenge

By taking on this simple challenge, you will discover if your leadership team are aligned.

These six critical questions represent what every leadership team should aim to be aligned on, advocated by Patrick Lencioni, whose consulting company the Table Group have worked with 78 of Fortune 100 and many smaller organisations too.

Why is this so important? If the leadership team are not completely aligned on all these six questions, this raises a red flag. With true alignment on these questions, you provide the vital direction and guidance that an organisation needs. Otherwise, the gap widens, and the direction is diluted as it goes down the organisation, resulting in counterproductive activities, the greatest source of employee frustration.

So here are your six questions, test it out with your team carry on and REQUEST YOUR PDF NOW and follow the instructions, Good Luck!

1. Why do we exist?

4. How will we succeed?

2. How do we act?

5. What is most important now?

3. What do we do?

6. Who must do what?

How does it work;

  • Firstly, you as the leader of the team answer the questions yourself and save them
  • Use the email provided to introduce the requested task to your leadership team and attach the PDF
  • Each leadership team member completes the PDF, saves and returns their answers – directly to you
  • Review them collectively in your next team meeting
  • Test it out with your team and if you need any further help or guidance fill in the form below.

Good luck.