Independently Sustain Fitness

Annual diagnosis, assessment reporting and future recommendations 

Sometimes keeping up with a programme is difficult, life gets in the way, you can lose enthusiasm and drive to work at it and fall back into old behaviours. Or maybe a goal has been achieved and the momentum stops.

We have devised a step by step programme that doesn’t stop after the initial consultation. That gives you the autonomy you need to independently sustain your Organisational Fitness.


Keep your purpose top of mind and part of your regular daily schedule. We have created a technique that doesn’t interrupt but fits into your regular routine. Simple tools, prompts, reminders and reviews making your goal an intrinsic part of your routine and giving you the autonomy you need to sustain your Organisational Fitness.


The Amplified Group will provide you the framework to maintain Organisational Fitness independently. Designed to help you to recognise how not to work in silos. Share collective results, see that vision, purpose and objectives are not separated.


This is a check point on your Organisational Fitness, introducing you to a simple scorecard approach. Providing progress reports and assessment reviews, allowing you to maintain Organisational Fitness.


  • Gain the autonomy you need to independently sustain your Organiational Fitness

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