Half-day Session

An introduction to the Five Behaviors™ of a Team  

In this half day awareness session we take guide you through the proven model of the Five Behaviors™ of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. Introducing you to each of the five behaviours and how they can be practically applied to a team.

This half day workshop focuses on developing the awareness of skills and behaviours required to build a unified.


  • Reach a common understanding of what it means to be a united team with a common purpose
  • Understand the expectations for a team, based on The Five Behaviors™ of a Team model
  • Build an action plan on how the Five Behaviors™ model could work for you

Most organisations believe that their product, technology, service, strategy, etc. is what sets them apart from the competition. Patrick Lencioni believes that while those things are important, when an organisation focuses on getting people working together on productive, united teams, they will accomplish great things, and that teamwork may be an organisation’s ultimate competitive advantage.